Warangal girl is Tamannaah’s body double


Bhanu-SriRemember the eye candy who accompanies Tamannaah, in Bahubali when she goes searching for the man who tattooed her body while she is asleep? That beautiful girl is Bhanu Sri. This Warangal lass shifted to Hyderabad for studies and then forayed into the films.

She was also the body double for Tamannaah in acting scenes and also in some dance sequences. She herself revealed this. Bhanu Sri also acted in Kumari 21 F and Avu Puli Madhyalo Prabhas Pelli. She also played a key role in Iddari Madhya 18. The film is ready for release and Bhanu Sri is keeping her fingers crossed. However, she has no role in Bahubali 2.