Warning : Don’t go to Chetha(crap) cinema


The makers of Ee Nagaraniki Yemaindhi have taken a daring decision of releasing an intriguing video clip before the release of the movie. Titled Statuary warning, the video clip features a lead actor in the movie, Abhinav Gomatam who imitates Rahul Dravid’s quit-smoking warning that runs before the start of any movie in theaters.

Abhinav warns people to stay away from Chetha Cinema(crap movies) and urges the viewers to watch their good attempt on the big screens this weekend. Well, this may indicate that the makers are too confident in the movie and it can come back haunting them if the movie fails to strike a chord.

For reasons best known to them, the makers have removed this video from their official Youtube channel. However, a few active netizens have ripped off this video and posted it on their channels.

We should wait and watch if this new-age entertainer can impress the viewers. The flick is set for a grand slam release tomorrow( June 29th) and will be facing some heavy competition from other movies as a total of 6-7 movies are slated for release this weekend