Watch It: After Tsunami, Prabhas could only do it!


prabhas(1)‘Baahubali’ has created a Tsunami at the Worldwide Box Office with a Gross of over Rs 450 crore and a share of around Rs 260 crore. What could Prabhas do other than wholeheartedly thank the audience for the overwhelming response? Actually, He does exactly the same!

Prabhas shared a video on his facebook page thanking all of his fans for supporting him since  his launch with ‘Eshwar’ (2002). This is what he said – “Hi Darlings! I just want to say Thanks!! First Eshwar Cinema Nunchi Naaku Support Chesaru. Thanks For Your Support. 2-and-a-Half Year wait Chesi ‘Baahubali’ Choosaru. Hope You Enjoyed The Film. And I just Want To Say Thanks…Thanks A Lot. Thanks For Everything…Peruperuna Andariki Thanks. Love You!”.

Young Rebel is always known for his simplicity, purity of heart & grounded nature. With the manner in which he responded to the unconditional love from fans reflects his true personality. Wish Prabhas a much bigger success ahead!