Watch: Karan Johar’s babies Yash and Roohi have screaming match, Alia joins in


Ever since Karan Johar has turned a father, his life revolved around his little ones Yash and Roohi and KJo makes it a point to take up his daddy duties as and when it calls for him.

He shared one such video where he asks Yash and Roohi if they are ready to sleep. While Yash says yes, Roohi stays mum and then screams for a long time till a female voice in the background joins her. This voice is none other than Karan Johar’s favourite student Alia Bhatt’s.

Hearing Roohi and Alia scream, Yash also joins them and then there’s a screaming match, especially between the twins.

Alia makes a special appearance, and even though we can’t see her face, her voice says it all. She can be seen wearing a black crop top and grey skirt, and Alia seems to have tried a new hairstyle. Watch the video here: