Watch: Sai Pallavi dubbing for Fidaa!


If you assume a Dubbing Artiste might be used for giving voice to female lead’s role in ‘Fidaa’ upon watching the teaser, Then you are mistaken! Why because, Sai Pallavi herself dubbed for the role of Telangana Girl.

Usually, Actresses who doesn’t knew Telugu prefer relying on Dubbing Artiste. But, The ‘Premam’ Beauty took up the challenge inspite of knowing that getting used to Telangana dialect isn’t gonna be easy.

A video shot when Sai Pallavi was dubbing for ‘Fidaa’ was uploaded on Dil Raju’s Youtube channel. She seems to have thoroughly enjoyed the whole process and lots of fun got generated with the mistakes she committed during the pronounciation. Especially, Movie Lovers have gone Fidaa watching her utter ‘Badkov..Balisindara..Bokkaliragoodatha’ & ‘Badmash..Balsindara..Bokkaliragodatha’.