Way Too Costly Film With Heroine?


Colors-SwatiAt a time when horror comedies became a norm, Geetanjali became a huge hit. But the film was different because it saw comedian Srinivas Reddy turn into a leading man. Well, that created enough curiosity among audiences and it worked for the film.

Then, there was Anjali who was another main draw for the film. As the makers had anticipated, the film became a huge hit and the tagline of horror comedy helped the film in a big way.

The modest budget used for the film also helped in the film’s success. While Geetanjali was made with a budget of Rs 2 crores, it raked in the money from the satellite rights alone.

And now, Colors Swati is acting in a film titled Tripura. The film is another horror comedy and this time around, the film is being made with a high budget of Rs 5 crores, which is big amount for this genre.

Also, the film is being directed by the same director who had directed Geetanjali. The makers will also be releasing the film in Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi languages.

It is expected that the film will make a good profit in each language, though the makers hope that it will make more in Tamil where Swati is popular.

Now, it remains to be seen if the film will make the money that is being put in.