‘We Didn’t Want To Disturb Puri’ – Charan


'We Didn't Want To Disturb Puri' - Charan‘Actually we’ve informed Puri Jagan that second half isn’t impressive. But we didn’t tell him where exactly the block has occurred as he’s busy with Loafer movie shooting. It’s not ethical to disturb his ongoing project, isn’t it?’ says Ram Charan, talking about the Puri Jagan issue.

Earlier when he has to talk about Megastar Chiranjeevi’s 150th film, director Puri Jagan stated that Chiru hasn’t informed him about disliking second half. He said that Chiru directly revealed things to media. Reacting on the same, Charan responded in the above said way. He stated that only a good story would materialise 150th film but not any other links and logics.

At the same time, Charan avers, ‘Anyway on Dasara eve, we will announce about Megastar’s 150th film’, hinting that they are going to launch ‘Kathi’ remake under VV Vinayak’s direction. Why wait till October 22nd? Because Vinayak has to free his dates.

An interesting comment made by Charan: ‘Yes, there are many heroes as my competitors from within the family. That’s all healthy and good. And as there are many mega heroes, we are able to rock almost all the seasons each year with mega films’.