We’re Overshadowed By Star kids: Taapsee


Taapsee-PannuIt is not new for Taapsee Pannu to make comments on excessive glamour show in South films, nepotism etc topics.  She has also faced brickbats for her comments on Tollywood in the past.  In a recent development, she made serious comments on media’s excessive attention on star kids.

While speaking to an English daily she opined that she feels overshadowed by the star kids.  She said that “There are times when we go to events and we want to express our views but we are overshadowed by star kids who probably haven’t even acted in a single shot ever.  Probably, the problem lies with the way media gives them the extra attention.”

She said that she never came across filmmakers who have shown the stepmotherly attitude towards the actors coming from non-filmy background but its the journalist and media which does that.  She said “The star kids who have not even decided whether to act or not will easily override our presence in the events.  Though we worked very hard to achieve this position, star kids easily grab the attention overshadowing us.”

She also said that “People give examples or Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan but they were one in 1000s.  There are 1000s of others who are struggling outside ended up nowhere by giving examples of Shah Rukh and Amitabh”.