What Aagadu Taught Sreenu Vaitla


Aagadu-Taught-Sreenu-VaitlaDirector Srinu Vaitla is considered as one of the ace filmmakers in Telugu Film Industry. His previous film Aagadu might have been a Box Office disaster, yet Vaitla is unfazed of it and moved onto his next film Bruce Lee in which he teamed up with Ram Charan.  Ahead of its release on Oct 16 release, Vaitla interacted with media.

Ask him what did he learn from the bitter Show of Aagadu?  “I learnt a lot from Aagadu. In fact, we should learn more from flops. They give us good experience. However, I didn’t take it to my heart. Hits and flops are part and parcel of the industry,” said Vaitla.

Talking about the unanimous bad talk for the film and the fact that several started hating his work, Srinu Vaitla gets candid and said, “People got disappointed as Aagadu was close to my previous films. Many other filmmakers too followed my format as they were working at Box Office. By then audience got used to that format and got vexed to it. I realised this only after the result of Aagadu and decided to change my way of presentation of films.”

Srinu Vaitla added, “It was love. They hated my work because they love me. I took it in very positive way. I changed my way. Now, Bruce Lee will be seen a new format altogether.” The auteur of films like Venky, Dookudu further said, “I started my career with a small-budget movie and reached this position with great hard work. It all happened because I constantly keep myself updated without which I’d not be in this stage.”

So, what made him to rope in music composer SS Thaman who is also under fire from crtitics for ‘repetitive’ music? Vaitla clarifies that he is happy with the work of Thaman. “It varies from one to other. Thaman has rendered good tunes for almost all my flicks. The songs of Bruce Lee are already chart-busters. Even for Dookudu, Aagadu, he gave me good songs, music. I’m happy with what he delivered for Aagadu. So, he’s on board for Bruce Lee as well,” signs off Srinu Vaitla who is confident of his next Bruce Lee.