What Did Rajamouli Learn From Baahubali?


Rajamouli-BaahubaliAfter all the film took 500 plus days into the making of its first part and still there is 120 days of shoot remaining for the second part to be wrapped. Definitely these umpteen days of making might have taught the Mahismathi creator a lesson or town. Let’s meet the maker of “Baahubali” to hear what he says about the lessons learnt.

“One thing Baahubali has taught me is to have better planning before going on to sets. We have thought an year will be enough to make the film but it took 2.5 years and counting. If I’m little careful with planning, even after nailing out to all the minute details in a scene, the shoot would have got finished in lesser time”, says Rajamouli, talking about the first lesson he has learnt. There is another lesson, which he hasn’t learnt now but sharing it for others.

“Towards the end of shooting, while 20% of shoot is remaining, energy levels among cast and crew have dropped. Though I’m getting irritate inside, I’ve to put up an exciting face and energise and inspire them all. Probably any filmmaker should do that”, he adds. For now, those are the lessons from the giant. If you have something to learn from his movies, wait for July 10th.