What Does Name Changes Indicate Krish?


No, we are not asking the question in an authoritative way. We are just trying to know why is it so? Chiranjeevi after changing his name Konidela Shiva Shankar Varaprasad, he never asked anyone to call him as Shiva or Shankar.

Shiva Rama Krishna also decided to be known as Krishna only and Dilip Kumar also never wanted to be known as Yusuf, his real name. They all after having one screen name they never changed it for any other film industries.

But Keeravani decided to call himself Marakathamani, his complete name in Tamil and MM Kreem in Hindi. The legendary composer said that he liked to have local connect with the respective audience.

Now, Krish got his name credited as Krish Jagarlamudi for NTR biopic and with his full name, Radha Krishna Jagarlamudi for Manikarnika, his Hindi film about Jhansi Lakshmi Bai with Kangana Ranaut.

He did prefer such change till recently as he always preferred Krish to be his on-screen name. Why this change all of a sudden? Any astrological factors? Or any numerological advices? We don’t know until the director prefers to reveal.

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