What If Jr NTR Did That Scene?


In a near-perfect biopic on Savitri many felt that NTR presence with Savitri should have been extended in the film.

As ANR got few scenes, NTR might have also been included in some. But Naga Chaitanya agreed to be his grandfather ANR but Jr. NTR couldn’t agree.

But the response NTR introduction in the movie got even though it is digitized and the kind of mass scene written for him, that is a little bit of exaggeration from real life, is scintillating.

Had Jr. NTR done that scene and agreed to be NTR on screen, may be Mayabazaar and Gundamma Katha might have been given tributes and a rare moment of Chaitanya and Jr. NTR as ANR and NTR with Savitri in one frame would have been possible.

That will continue to be a dream and with the kind of response, movie is getting even Jr. NTR would be feeling, he should have been a part of the film when he had the chance as it would have been a tribute from his side to his grand father whom he respects so much.