What If Nagababu Handled Like Kalyan


Nagababu-Like-KalyanAfter all this is a competitive industry and comparisons bound to happen. So, when Kalyan Ram is taking a smooth sugarcoated class to Nandamuri fans the other day, everyone is busy getting connected to one person. Yes, you guessed it right. It’s none other than Mega Brother Nagababu.

If Mega functions used to witness ‘Powerstar’ shouts, then we have ‘Jai Balayya’ shouts adoring Nandamuri functions these days. While Pawan Kalyan and Balayya will remain mum on these happenings, maybe there is a chance that if they have no idea of them, the other heroes from the respective families are facing the music. After getting irritated for times, finally Nagababu lashed out at those fans who are disrupting the functions, at a recent event. Similarly Kalyan Ram also tried a dose on the fans who are creating some unwanted disturbance at Sher audio launch.

But what is being discussed is that, if Kalyan Ram has handled fans very smoothly, Nagababu has given black and blue with hefty voice and in strong tone. What if Nagababu too handled fans like a Kalyan Ram? Because such harsh reaction from him has upset many fans, albeit it distanced those ‘shouts’ from mega functions that took place thereafter.

Anyway, divisions among fans are quite visible, and chanting ‘unity’ tune will not work until Pawan makes appearances at mega functions and Balayya-Jr NTR are seen together.