What Is Real Business Of This Heroine?


Vishakha-Singh(1)Some heroines make an exit-plan so quick that they set out on other business ventures feeling the dearth of offers in film industry. Even when she is trying to grab stardom, actress Vishakha Singh of ‘Rowdy Fellow’ fame says that this is not her main business.

Vishakha Singh, while commenting on things that are happening around her post on Facebook, where she has given a retort to her abuser, stated that the income she gets from films is peanuts. Many wonder, with Visakha doing no big work in tinsel towns how would she always features on front pages of some big newspapers’ entertainment editions. One may wonder what her real business is.

Facts always blow minds and it remains that Vishakha’s father is having an investment company based out of London and our hottie works as a venture capitalist at that company. With a degree in Advertising and Public relations, no doubt Visakha knows what it makes to dance on front pages. Apart from this publicity, she is a brilliant actor who is offered less work in our tinsel towns.