What Is This Change ‘Father’?


Generally, Christians refer to Pastors and Religious heads of Church as ‘Father’. One Telugu hero, has also became a Pastor recently and this is about him.

Actor Raja, debuted in O…Chinadana movie opposite Gajala with Srikanth and Brahmanandam in other lead roles. The movie became a good hit.

After Anand, Raja became famous among the lady audiences and youth. He used to be a good choice for roles that require a soft person as the lead.

But after a cameo in Nuvva Nena, he stopped acting in films. On Good Friday, he gave an interview to a media channel.

He said, “I did many mistakes and sins, when I was in films. If my wife, gets to know about them she will leave me. I don’t want that weight on my heart anymore. So, I chose this route to become a pastor and get redemption for all my sins with God’s blessings.”

Many are unable to believe that Raja has changed so much. His body language and his talking style has also changed like a person,who never spoke Telugu.

Now, people are wondering, how can he change so much just because his films failed and he did not get many offers!? The actor has quit acting long time ago and he said that he doesn’t want to talk about that life or those sins he committed in public.