What’s Aamir Khan Doing At 2am?


What-Aamir-Khan-Doing-At-2aWhatever star heroes do, their fans generally follow it. If a star wears particular clothes, even fans pick them. The dialogues they mouth, the bikes they use and the king of attitude they maintain in reel and real lives, fans imitate it. Now that Mr Perfectionist Amir Khan is doing something late in the night at 2am, it’s surprising if his fans would mimic this.

Unlike other heroes and models, some top stars hit gym early in the morning or late in the night. The likes of Hrithik Roshan and Shahrukh Khan have hit gym late in the night to achieve desired results on their body quite effectively. Seems like Amir Khan took a leaf out of them. He is hitting gym at 2am in the morning which is located on the terrace of his house. He is working out for hours before taking a quick nap.

Amir Khan is following this late-night routine to get a well-shaped masculine body for his next flick “Dangal” where he plays the role of wrestling coach to his daughters.