What’s Wrong With Anisha Ambrose In GS2?


anisha-ambroseIf the ongoing media reports are to be believed, Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is mighty upset with the way the first schedule of his long delayed film, Gabbar Singh 2, took place. According to the reports, the film’s first schedule that kicked off in a remote village in Maharashtra went haywire and this resulted in a slight overshooting of the budget.

The reports further say that there could be major changes in the film’s cast and crew and none other than the film’s heroine, Anisha Ambrose, might be replaced with a debutant heroine and the makers are currently auditioning several fresh faces. While Anisha’s replacement is not confirmed by the makers, they are reportedly scouting for the right actress before the second schedule commences.

On the technical front, the film’s art director and Pawan’s close friend, Anand Sai, backed off from the project due to date issues and Brahma Kadali, who impressed with his art direction in Gabbar Singh, has been roped in. even a co-director is reportedly replaced by the makers.

It is surprising to hear about these changes at this point, when the unit has spent more than a year on pre-production. Let us hope that what happens will be in the best interest of the film and that the GS 2 team comes out with a blockbuster film in the end.