When Kamal And Shruti Haasan Shed Tears Together


Kamal-And-Shruti-HaasanToday is International Father’s Day and all the celebrities are celebrating this memorable day with their fathers by thanking them to be on their side in the thick and thin of their careers and lives. Speaking to a leading English news daily on this occasion, one of the country’s most high profile father-daughter duo, Kamal Haasan and his daughter Shruti Haasan spoke at length about their relationship.

While Kamal religiously performed all his duties towards his daughters being a doting dad, the legendary actor revealed one particular incident in which he failed to fulfill his duties as a father. Speaking about the final days of his relationship with his ex-wife Sarika, Kamal recalled the days when Sarika was seriously unwell and was placed in a hospital to recover.

One of those days, Kamal took the 15 year old Shruti for a walk and apologized to her for rushing her into growing up too soon. Kamal told Shruti to think that she is losing 3 years of her teens and said that he could not help it and that he was sorry. At the end, Kamal and Shruti were in tears as he held her hand and walked along with her.

When the interviewer asked Shruti if she had an ill feeling towards her father, Shruti said ‘no’ and that even she felt that they should not be together, even though she had different grievances.