When Samantha Tamed A White Horse


10-EnradhukullaHeroine Samantha is coming up with a Tamil film opposite Vikram and she’s quite upbeat about it. The hottie of the South says that this film “10 Enradukulla” is quite close to her heart because she has done a never before kind of role in the movie. From romance to stunts, driving heavy vehicles to glamorous songs, she has done all.

Talking about the film, Samantha has actually narrated an incident that has really blown minds. During the shoot of a particular sequence in Nepal, there were race horses all around. Samantha found one white horse cute and she went near her. By that time, many people have already terrified her that the horse will kick her with a leg. Daringly, Sam has reached the horse, stroked the guy’s hair on the head, and quickly tamed it. Without even knowing horse riding, she just sat on it and has done some stunts. That’s so brave Samantha.

Not just horse riding, Samantha has driven a lorry and a jeep in the film, and has done the stunts herself. She got injured in the acts, but says that, “All these days I’ve done romance and comedy. Let me do some action too. Injuries, they are part and parcel of the game”.