When Samantha Was Caught By The Police..


Childhood memories will always be sweet everyone will have some memorable incident that happened in the childhood and even stars are also not an exception in the same way Samantha Akkineni also had a memorable incident.

It’s a known fact that Sam was born and brought up in Chennai and obviously, there will be so many beautiful memories related to that place. Recently, while talking to the media, she shared one such incident. “When I was studying 11th standard, my father bought my first scooty. He strictly warned me to ride the scooty only on streets. As we don’t need a license to drive on streets, I used to roam happily. One day, I sneaked out of the streets and went to the airport without letting anyone know. But the Police caught me and asked for the license. I pleaded them and somehow got escaped. ” said Samantha.

Talking at the promotional event of her upcoming movie ‘U-Turn’ which gives a message that everyone should follow the traffic rules, Sam has revealed so many of her childhood memories. She also starred in ‘Seemaraja’ which is also going to get released on September 11th whereas ‘U-Turn’ is slated for release on September 13th.