Where Is Your Sita, Vinaya Vidheya Rama?


Rama is never imagined as a single person in our mythology and even simple stories. Either he is accompanied by his brother Lakshmana, if he is Kondanda Rama or Sita when he becomes Kalyanarama and Raja Rama.

Many devotees remember Rama as Seetharama as they want him to be happy and relaxed, which he is believed to be when Sita is around. Nobody can really ignore the impact of Sita in his life and on him.

But Boyapati Srinu’s Vinaya Vidheya Rama seems to be more brutal, violent, hot headed and even devoid of Sita, nothing like Rama. Just the name seems to have been driven from Lord.

That could be the choice of the director but we cannot literally ignore, a lead heroine from teaser. Films these days don’t bother to give importance to actresses unless it is a love story.

We don’t even see them in passing shots of teasers. In films, they come for songs and then take their pay check from the producers, that too really fat ones.

When someone is paying so much to an actress, not even showing a glimpse of them in first promotional material seems to be undermining the value their characters have and also, their market value in general.

It is generally, heroines who manage to bring youth audience who are not fans of actors to the films. You may not believe it but at least 1% of total turnout on first day will have heroines fans coming to theatres, that too when they are famous and have a good social media following.

Bharat Ane Nenu, made Kiara Advani popular enough with Telugu audiences that not giving her even a single frame in the teaser, seem a very bad decision from makers. Ram Charan is a charismatic star but every Ram needs Sita too!

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