Who Are Anushka’s Friends From Industry?


Anushka-Friends“Movie is industry is not about bad persons all the time. Maybe there are those who appear in front of us during our hits and then disappear in flop. But there are good people who care for you no matter you score hit or flop”, says Anushka, who is eagerly awaiting for the release of “Rudramadevi” October 9th.

“Director Rajamouli, his wife Rama, Supriya, Prabhas, Producer Syam Prasad and Pramod are my good friends from Telugu film industry. Whenever I need them, they attend in a jiffy. They don’t behave differently even if I got a flop or a hit”, she avers.

Talking about friendships, Anushka stresses that it matters how we behave in each situation rather than how others behave towards us. “I believe that career and friendship are two different things. Only people with similar mindset could become good friends. I’m luck that I’ve found one such bunch here in Telugu industry”, Anushka said.

On the sidelines of promoting her upcoming release “Rudramadevi” on October 9th, Anushka shared her thoughts this way.