Who Is Allu Sirish’s Angel??


Allu-SirishHas mega hero Allu Sirish dated someone in the past and ended up in a bitter breakup? Going by a tweet he posted today, Film Nagar is now curious about this aspiring hero’s love life.

“Happy birthday, my angel. Stay happy and blessed where ever you are..” tweeted Sirish this afternoon. Who is our Gowravam and Kotha Janta star referring to, in this tweet? Many say that this is about a former girl friend but we wonder if a hero of his stature (due to the family backup he has) would talk so openly about personal issues on public domain. As he says, ‘wherever you are’, it makes sure that he’s talking about some person only. Who could be that angel?

Anyway there are many instances where celebs fooled their followers end of the days, by saying that they are talking about their favourite dog that has lost life recently or something else, but not really about GF or BF. Let us see what Sirish says.