Who Is Pitching For NTR-Yatra BO Clash?


Be it Mahanati or NTR or Yatra, One aspect common among all these biopics is dramatisation. Director Mahi V Raghav doesn’t mind saying few scenes in the movie were dramatised so that the biopic of YSR reached more number of people. Without drama, Any biopic ends up becoming a documentary and that’s a harsh realty.

Interestingly, Mahi V Raghav thought of pitching ‘Yatra’ against NTR Biopic by releasing it on January 9th. He, however, changed his plans after knowing about the two parts of NTR Biopic and scarcity of theatres during Sankranthi season.

‘NTR Mahanayakudu’ and ‘Yatra’ are supposed to release on February 7th and 8th respectively. Following the debacle of ‘NTR Kathanayakudu’, Makers of NTR Biopic decided to delay the release by one or two weeks. But still, ‘Yatra’ releases on the scheduled date.

However, Mahi V Raghav believes Box Office clash of ‘Yatra’ and ‘NTR Mahanayakudu’ would have benefited both the biopics. Healthy Competition would have fetched good mileage for two movies in the un-season.

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