Who Opposed MAA’s Fact Finding Committee?


An emergency Executive Committee Meeting happened the other day to discuss about the diversion of funds raised for construction of MAA building and financial assistance to the people in need.

According to a National Daily, MAA President Shivaji Raja who is facing allegations abused the reporter who reported the issue when majority of the members demanded setting up Fact-Finding Committee. He even used the name of Chiranjeevi, who toured US for MAA event to raise fund without any selfish intentions, for protecting himself. Throughout the meeting Hero Srikanth was trying to calm him down.

While Srikanth, Banerjee, Nagineedu and Edida Sriram are backing Shivaji Raja, Rest of the 11 Executive Members demanded Fact-Finding Committee. MAA General Secretary Naresh told differences regarding few financial matters are yet to be sorted. Today, Shivaji Raja’s Camp might convene a press meet to speak on the issue.