Who will be Chiru’s heroine in 150th film?


Anushka-Shetty,-Tamannaah,-There is a lot of speculation and excitement about Megastar Chiranjeevi’s 150th film, as not much is known about it. We decided to ask the Megastar himself. Excerpts from our conversation: Given that you are now, 60 years old, why have you chosen to return as the dancing, action hero.

Why not in a role as a senior actor much like other big stars do? More than my wish, it is the wish of my fans who wanted me to come back. Now that we as the Congress Party are in the opposition, I have ample time to do any other job. Same time my fans asked me to do my 150th film.

I have done 149 so far, so 150 is that magic number. Actually a few years back, I was the guest at a function of Mr Amitabh Bachchan’s film Bbuddah…Hoga Tera Baap. And he said, ‘Mr Chiranjeevi, 149 number is not the right number, you should do 150. On behalf of your fans, I am asking you to do 150.’ That’s how it started. And from there, my fans picked that up.

I don’t mind doing other kinds of roles, but even now, my fans wanted to see me how they have seen me all these years as a dancing action hero, so I decided to make the 150th one to their wish. Did you miss being in the film industry past eight years? If Charan was not there, I would have missed it.

But I have no regrets since he took over and I felt connected to films through him. But whenever I went to the set of Charan or any other shooting and I would hear the sounds of lights camera, action and cut, I would always feel, ya, this is my arena, this is my samrajyam.. And it’s only that time I would feel that yes, I miss my film industry. So can you dance now? Easily. Easily… I will compete with Charan. Let Charan dance with me.

It’s amazing that you consider actresses who are now working with your son Ram Charan, as your contemporaries. You recently said that one of them would feature in your 150th film. Who would be your op choices? All the girls are very good and while I cannot pinpoint right now, it would be one of the glamour girls. It could be Anushka Shetty, Tamannaah, Samantha or Nayanthara. It will be one of these four.