Whom Did Poonam Kaur Slapped In USA?


Once, A Person from Kishan Modugumudi’s Gang knocked the door of Poonam Kaur at midnight when she was in USA for an Association. He assumed that Poonam can’t understand Telugu. Upon listening to what he spoke and realizing his intention, She offered a tight slap.

Poonam Kaur opined evil couple like Kishan and Chandrakala would do anything for their comfort, luxuries and fake status. She accused them of cornering vulnerable women and threatening them to work according to their instructions.

The Actress didn’t hesitate to say Kishan and Chandrakala could dare to do such unlawful activities with the backing up of influential people who never get caught. She wondered what is the need for operating such sex rackets when there are places like Vegas in US.

Poonam appealed PM Narendra Modi to save the Indian Women from such evil-minded people. She sees hope in Obama, Michelle and Oprah.