Whom Did Sri Reddy Call Brokers & Goondas?


Senior Actor Naresh found fault with MAA for the manner in which it handled the Sri Reddy issue. He opined that the prestige of the Association has fallen because of the poor manner in which the controversy was addressed by Shivaji Raja.

Now, Sri Reddy accused MAA President Shivaji Raja of trying to suppress the Casting Couch issue to shield Influential People. She claims to have rejected crores offered to her by Shivaji Raja & Co.,

Sri Reddy described people like Shivaji Raja are brokers who harass women and goondas who does settlements. ‘The Person who didn’t even took care of his Parents claims to have danced in US to raise funds for Old Age Home. All of them are thieves…they looted the money. A Big Hero received maximum share. These people will pay for making women shed tears. Keep it up Naresh’.