Why Allu Arjun Gave Rs 5 Lakhs To Posani


Posani Krishna Murali is one of those Film Personalities who have a big heart to help the needy. On many occasions, He came forward to help poor students and families in distress. Once again, This Writer-turned-Character Artiste showed his big heart.

The other day, Posani donated Rs 1.5 lakh each to three poor girls students (Rashmita, Rajeswari, Sakheenabi) who attained over 9.5 GPA in 10th Class Examination despite studying in Government Schools. He even assured financial assistance till they become graduates.

This is when Posani stunned everyone by revealing an undisclosed fact – ‘Allu Arjun invited Me to his residence few days ago. I had no clue what’s the reason as I didn’t even utter a single word against him. When I met him, He just offered me a cover with Rs 5 lakh cheque saying Sir, You Have Been In The Industry For Three Decades. He urged Me not to reject the amount. Even I couldn’t say NO to him. Upon depositing the cheque in my bank account, I came to know about these three bright students and quickly responded. God might have sent Allu Arjun to help them in this manner. His helping hand has inspired Me to do this service!’.

Both Allu Arjun and Posani deserves all the praises coming their way. Special mention for the Character Artiste who has given complete credit to Stylish Star.