Why Baahubali Is Meeting Politicians?


Baahubali-Is-Meeting-PolitiIn a whirlwind tour in New Delhi, hero Prabhas is continuously meeting top brass politicians of BJP, where his uncle Krishnam Raju is a member. From Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Home minister Rajnath Singh, Prabhas is leaving to single bigwig from the party. Why did Prabhas has to do all this for Baahubali?

We do agree that Baahubali is a bigger film, a pride of Tollywood and has some amazing things that are seen never before on Indian screen. But that doesn’t mean Prabhas has to meet top politicians and talk with them about the film. In a way it looked like Krishnam Raju is making Prabhas to meet all the BJP honchos such that this young Rebel Star might be a part of the party activities in the coming days. There is saying in Tollywood that Prabhas doesn’t even like to attend late-night parties, and will he walk and stroll in the Sun for political ambitions of Krishnam Raju?