Why Dasari wasn’t happy with Puri’s Idiot?


Dasari-Narayana-Rao-and--PuUsually, Dasari Narayana Rao draws attraction with his satires on young heroes whenever he graces a film-related event. This time, The focus of T-Town Mestri shifted towards a Crazy Filmmaker.

During the launch of Sampoornesh Babu’s upcoming flick ‘Kabbari Matta’, Dasari said: “Gone are the days when heroes are projected as someone respects elders and contributes to the welfare of the society. The definition of hero changed after Puri Jagannath’s Idiot. Unfortunately, Hero characterization was designed in such a manner that the Main Lead stalks the Heroine and shows disrespect to parents”.

At the same time, Dasari reveals he was shocked to see the craze for Sampoornesh Babu’s maiden flick ‘Hrudaya Kaleyam’. He claimed to have understood the range of Sampoornesh upon observing his popularity on the Social Media. Darsakaratna praised Mr.Babu citing his film collected Rs 3 crore in 3 days inspite of not having a film background.