Why Deva Katta Took A Class To Anchor?


In his recent interview, A Question asked by Anchor has annoyed Deva Katta so much. What is it all about?

To the question ‘when would he make an out & out commercial movie?’, Deva Katta told Industry has come a long way from poverty known to be ‘commercial format’. He quoted ‘Rangasthalam’ as an example to say how Sukumar has moulded a character-driven role for a Star like Ram Charan. The Filmmaker opined thin line between Commercial Cinema and Parallel Cinema got erased in the recent years.

Deva Katta is awaiting for the release of ‘Prasthanam’ Hindi remake directed by himself. Sanjay Dutt who acquired the rights wished to play Sharwanand’s part and make Amitabh Bachchan do the role of Sai Kumar. Finally, Deva Katta convinced Sanjay to essay the role of Sai Kumar in the original.

Interestingly, Arka Media preferred Deva Katta for Directing ‘Baahubali’ Netflix version. The shoot is expected to last for a period of 50 days.