Why Did Nandu Delete That Video?


Geetha Madhuri is known as a singer for music lovers and film lovers in Telugu states. Thanks to Bigg Boss she is one of the most popular contestants now.

Her husband, actor Nandu has been busy with shootings of his movies but he is having to counter react to the trolling that his wife has been facing from past two weeks.

Geetha upon winning a task, decided to nominate Kaushal for the remaining season and this triggered his fans to troll her with abusive messages.

She has been linked to Samrat by few to hurt her family even more. Nandu, after taking it on his chin for few days, reacted with a video, asking trollers to stop abuse.

But as the trolling is increasing and even his video is taken as trigger point by many, he decided to delete the video.

Well, Nani had to almost publicly write a letter in apologetic tone due to these trolls and abuses. Looking at all this, Bigg Boss might be a popular show, but t is causing huge unrest in celebrities and contestants lives for sure.