Why Did You Make Brahmi A Monkey?


srinu-vaitla-and-brahmanandThe most awkward, hurting and unusual comedy scene we have seen on comedy king Brahmandam is making him act like a monkey. Director Sreenu Vaitla and writer Kona Venkat are getting serious blasting from the fans of this iconic comedian.

In almost every film since “Dhee”, Vaitla is making best use of Brahmi. All the time, this comedian is considered as second hero of Sreenu Vaitla’s movies. Ditto applies for Kona Venkat too. The writer-director duo have explored the best of Brahmi in “Dookudu” where they made him show different emotions of a human, as our comedian pops up various different emotions on his face while Mahesh Babu talks about them. Developed on similar lines, in “Bruce Lee” they made Brahmi give expressions for various moods of a monkey; unhappy monkey, a monkey suffering from fever, excited monkey, food-less monkey and others.

Does that sound like an avoidable thing? What made Vaitla and Kona write such scene and make Brahmi perform it? On the flip side, Brahmi excelled even in those nonsensical demands of Vaitla and his writer. We wonder how come Ram Charan is staring at this scene rather asking to delete it, for the sake of Brahmandam.