Why Ileana is on a Break?


Ileana-breakPost ‘Happy Ending’, Ileana hasn’t signed any new projects and that’s a conscious decision taken by her. She did admit to have taken a small break for a particular reason.

Ileana: “The reason why I’m on a small break is because I wish to try something unique. Offers coming my way aren’t exciting for me, So I decided to wait for a sometime”.

When quizzed how long does the break period continue, Ileana reveals that she was approached for a promising project but nothing was confirmed as of now.

Reports are abuzz about Ileana’s item number in RC9. Although there is no official confirmation from the makers regarding the same, Ileana’s presence at Mega 60 Bash only gave strength to the reports.

At the time when Top Actresses were competing to sign multiple projects, Ileana is turning down the offers coming her way. Will the strategy work for her or she would regret about it one day?