Why Pawan Kalyan Gave Pink Slip To Him?


Pawan-Kalyan-Come-To-AkhilPawan Kalyan has this habit of sending his technicians to pavilion in case if he didn’t like them. For reasons unknown, he has sent a director out of his camp after travelling with him for nearly two and half years. Though nothing about the incident has come out, everyone knows that something is genuinely wrong.

Ever since this director’s latest work has come out, there is a buzz going on in mega circles. In the name of punch dialogues, this talented director’s latest movie trailer has tonnes of ‘praasa’ dialogues hitting audiences. One among them is such a meaningless punch where a heroine compares the hero with an animal. Comparing is fine, because almost all star heroes are doing same. But this particular comparison looks like it is made just for the sake of ‘praasa’ but there is no depth in it. Even other dialogues are also having that ‘praasa’ setup but they are truly making no sense.

Is this the reason Pawan Kalyan gave pink slip to him? Mega camps say yes. After working with writers like Harish Shankar, Puri Jagan, Trivikram and Sai Madhav Burra, Powerstar is not seeking those punch dialogues that have only rhyming and timing, but he wants some depth.