Why Prabhas Fans aren’t happy with Rajamouli?


Rajamouli‘Baahubali’ which released on July 10th in record number of screens Worldwide completes 50th Day on August 28th. Much to the shock of Prabhas Fans, The Magnum Opus was removed from several screens on its 49th Day only to make way for multiple small-budget films on this Friday.

When Fans approached the makers of ‘Baahubali’ with the request of continuing the theatrical run at least till the 50th Day, Rajamouli turned down it and questioned what’s the use of fake records. Instead, He appealed fans to feel happy for the memorable victory scored and let ‘Baahubali’, whose run has come to an end, make way for new releases. Films such as Malini & Co., Best Actors, Dollar Ki Maro Vaipu, Blade Batch, Vikramarkudi Love Story and Taruvatha Katha have hit the screens Today.

Prabhas Fans were already irked by the fact that Rajamouli received maximum credit for ‘Baahubali’ even though Prabhas too had put in his heart & soul into the project. And Rajamouli’s remarks on Fake Records and the removal of ‘Baahubali’ from several theatres on 49th day did hurt them to an extent.

Well, Fans need to understand how long could the fake 50 days/100 days records continue? ‘Baahubali’ has collected a gross of Rs 545 crore till date and still able to occupy decent number of screens all over the World including Pakistan where the film was released on Aug 27th. So, Fans need to rejoice rather than worrying about such silly matters.