Why Premiers Bharat?


Mahesh Babu’s upcoming movie Bharath Anu Nenu is slated to get released on April 20th. The makers are trying to promote the movie in a different way from the start. Instead of first look they unveiled the first oath and instead of the teaser of the film the makers releases vision of Bharat. Now they named the audio function of the movie as Bharat Bahiranga Sabha.

As the release date is approaching the makers are working hard in taking the movie into the audience. They are also planning for grand premiere of the movie in US with 2000 premieres of the movie. Their plan is to bag two million dollars in a single go. However this strategy has been raising the brows of audience. If the content of the movie is right then there is no need to promote the film or make it grand. The latest blockbuster Rangastalam has already proved this matter. So, the industry people are having speculations regarding the content of Bharath Ane Nenu.

Recently the makers of Agnyaathavasi also planned grand premiere of the film and it got evident that the movie became a disaster. Now the same technique is being applied by the makers of Bharath Ane Nenu which is creating doubts about the result of the movie. But after that the disaster of Spyder, Mahesh Babu is in a dire need of a super hit. Let’s see what happens..