Why Rajamouli Follows These Two?


RajamouliWhatever celebrates do on the internet is always something that will inspire many fans and influence some thinkers, while few followers will get hurt.

We have this interesting discussion going on about Director giant SS Rajamouli. The Baahubali Maker follows a little about dozen celebrities on his twitter page. Among them their are three acclaimed directors too. Firstly there is Woody Allen, the most talented Hollywood Director, and we could understand why Rajamouli is a fan of him. The next two are Telugu directors Ram Gopal Varma and Deva Katta.

These two are eccentric directors whom we would never expect Rajamouli following them. RGV is an iconic director back then, but his creative Juices dried up miserably these days. Deva Katta proved with his dialogues, but yet too prove with commercial successes.

Only Rajamouli has to reveal why he follows these two Telugu directors.