Why Tamanna’s Role In #SyeRaa Got Extended?


One of the recent addition of Megastar Chiranjeevi’s upcoming film “Sye Raa” is none other than the presence of milky beauty Tamanna as a dancer. While she’s expected to do a couple of scenes, including a dance sequence at a temple, here is an interesting update.

After looking at Tamanna’s look test, where she got dressed as a traditional Bharatanatyam dancer with looks that of a Devadasi kind of attire, Megastar Chiru is said to have got highly impressed. For that reason, he’s said to have asked Surender Reddy to extend her role possibly in the film. Later with Tamanna taking special Bharatanatyam classes in Mumbai to do the role well, Chiranjeevi is said to have got stunned by her dedication.

The latest buzz has that she will be having a role that exceeds the length of even main heroine Nayantara. Coming to Tamanna’s character, she will be seen dancing at temples and preaching the need for independence from the British. Finally, she decides to help Uyyalawada and gets hanged to death, says a source.

Though Baahubali 2 hasn’t given ample pie to Tamanna, her presence in first part managed to get huge attention across the nation. Hope SyeRaa will fulfil her unfilled desires and even gets this project huge hype in northern states.