Why This Logo On ‘NOTA’ Poster?


The digital platforms also became important these days. As soon as the movie gets released, the digital rights will be sold and within two months, the movies are getting available on the digital platforms. Ace producers like Suresh Babu are against this system.

Ther are claiming that the audience will lose interest to come to the theatres if the movie is made available on the internet. But as the producers will get more profit with the digital platforms, some are showing more interest in them. Some of the producers are even making a fancy deal even before the release of the film. Recently the same happened with Vijay Devarakonda’s upcoming movie ‘NOTA’. Producer Gnanavel Raja made a deal with Amazon Prime. Interestingly, printing the Amazon Prime logo on the movie poster has now become a hot topic.

The expectations on ‘NOTA’ are sky high. But the audience won’t come to the theatres if the movie becomes available on the Amazon Prime a few days after the release. However, the reason why the producer added the Amazon Prime logo on the poster is still a mystery.

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