Why Was The Scene Not In Devadas?


Multi-starrer, Devadas starring Nagarjuna and Nani, released on 27th September and the movie is collecting good with an above average talk from the audiences.

But people felt that there is something missing in the film even though the camaraderie between the stars is really good. Few scenes that could really helped the movie have been edited out it seems.

Giving that buzz and speculation wings, a scene starring Nani giving it back to Rao Ramesh, who always treats him bad that was deleted got released online now.

Nani did his best in the scene and even the way it is written would have helped his character in the film. Such a scene being deleted from the movie is hurting fans and making audiences speculate if that is the reason why Nagarjuna took a class to Sriram Adittya.

Nani also expressed his dissatisfaction it seems. Hence, the team released the scene so early it seems.

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