Wife Or Sister In Law!! Who Is Better?


Wife-Or-Sister-In-LawThe question sounds little crazy, but currently, one hero is facing this question as he faces the media, and no doubt he’s way too diplomatic guy when it comes to answering them. He’s none other than talented actor Danush.

Daughters of Superstar Rajnikanth, Aishwarya and Soundarya, both are filmmakers who have their own flamboyant style of narrating stories. But the films made by these sisters have tanked big time at the box office. While Soundarya made big budgeted Kochadaiyan with Rajnikanth, Danush’s wife Aishwarya directed 3 and Vai Raja Vai.

As Danush is now acting under sister-in-law direction, for the upcoming VIP 2 which has story and dialogues written by himself, media people questioned him, whose direction is better, Aishwarya or Soundarya. Will any hero want to differentiate between his own family members for such a question?

“Both have their own direction style and they can’t be compared. Being daughters of the superstar, they are aware of all the crafts from the young age and they have a grip on almost all the technical stuff. Both are good directors”, said Danush.

The first ever teaser of VIP 2 got released, and the teaser looked almost similar to the shots and action stunts are shown in VIP movie. Maybe the trailer has to come if we have to find out what Soundarya has done to the film.