Will Amy Act In Supergirl Movie Too?


Amy Jackson, the British model who found a flourishing career in Indian movies, is currently busy with CW show, Super girl.

In this superhero series, Amy is playing the role of Saturn Girl and she has been part of the show since last season.

The new season will start from Fall, September and we can expect Saturn Girl to show off her abilities too in the show.

DC Comics which created Super girl character and show, is planning to make a Supergirl movie with Superman, appearing as a guiding cousin to her in the first movie it seems.

According to Hollywood media reports, Supergirl script work will start by the end of this year. We have to wait and see, Amy Jackson will also be asked to be a part of the movie.

If she does get the job, her long term dream to enter Hollywood would be realised. We wish her all the best!