Will Babai Go To Bigg Boss?


Paisa-VasoolThe Bigg Boss show hosted by Young Tiger NTR has become the talk of the town.   The filmmakers who always try to find new techniques for the movie promotions are effectively utilising Bigg Boss now.  The attention of the audience is very high because the reality show will be confined to a limited period of time, unlike other TV programmes.

Several filmmakers and heroes are entering Bigg Boss house to promote their latest films.  Rana Daggubati has already entered Bigg Boss show to promote ‘Nene Raju Nene Mantri’ and it worked well for the film.  Vijay Devarakonda followed the same route to promote his film ‘Arjun Reddy’.  We have to wait to know the result of the film.  Now, it has become interesting to see how ‘Paisa Vasool’ promotions will be carried out.  Everybody is eagerly waiting what Balayya is going to with the promotions.

Giving interviews to TV channels is a common thing.. but everybody is waiting to know whether Balayya will go to Bigg Boss or not.  Considering the relations between Babai-Abbai, it is very tough.. but still, it is not impossible.  If Balayya makes up his mind to attend the show, it is going to create a sensation for sure.   ‘Paisa Vasool’ is releasing in a week and they have one more week after the release for promotions.  So let us hope for the best.