Will Bramhanandam Bounce Back ?


Aachari-America-YatraBrahmanandam is a brand and he has done more then 1000 films in Telugu.  He is permanent adress for comedy.   Telugu filmmakers believe that Brahmanandam can single handedly make a film succesful.  Several heroes scored hits at the box office depending on the powerful characters of Brahmanandam.  But all these are things of the past.

Brahmanandam is presently going through a bad phase in his career.  His characters are not clicking well.. new generation comedians became popular in Telugu. All these things had huge impact on his career.  He is presently doing a crucial role in ‘Aachari America Yatra’ starring Manchu Vishnu.  Both are appearing in typical Brahmin roles in the film.  Majority of the film will be shot in USA.

It is known that Brahmi played Bramhin role last time in ‘Denikaina Ready’ starring Manchu Vishnu.  His character and a particular dialogue in the film turned out to be controversial then.  From then onwards he has not appeared in Brahmin role again.  Surprisingly, he is doing in Brahmin role again in Manchu Vishnu film.  We have to wait and see whether Brahmanandam bounce back in his career with this film or not.