Will Guru Bring Double Profits?


Guru-First-Day-CollectionsSenior hero Venkatesh’s latest release ‘Guru’ which hit screens on March 31st, looks to be on its way to become a lucrative venture for all the people involved.

Made on a budget of under Rs 10 crore, Guru has amassed a distributor share of around Rs 8 crore in the first weekend alone. Riding on positive word of mouth, the sports drama has reportedly been drawing decent crowds on week days too. The coming Sri Ramanavami holiday is another advantage. The only notable release of next week, ‘Cheliyaa’, may not give competition to Guru in B,C centers.

Given these positive factors, Guru is expected by trade pundits to have a decent second week run. In such scenario, raking in a worldwide share of around Rs 20 crore is not at all a difficult task. The satellite rights will fetch around Rs 6 crore. The digital, audio, dubbing and other rights will also fetch good sum.

Overall, Guru is emerging to be a profitable venture. It may be noted that the last hit of Tollywood, ‘Ghazi’ also starred a Daggubati family hero.