Will Our Heroes Dare To Pick That Disorder?


Heroes-Dare-To-Pick-That-DiIn the recent times, Tollywood is running after disorders to make sure that the characters of heroes will sound new. Somehow senior hero Nagarjuna opened the doors for that and since then many heroes are trying their luck.

While Nagarjuna was seen as wheelchair ridden paraplegic in Oopiri movie, Nani was seen playing an absent-minded guy in Bhale Bhale Magadivoyi. Raviteja made the feat of a blind man in Raja The Great wile Jr NTR appeared with stammering in Jai Lava Kusa. Very soon we’ll see Ram Charan playing the role of a deaf guy in Rangasthalam. And that rounds up the point, our heroes are showing interesting in disorders to create interest.

In all these roles, whether the hero is blind, deaf, paraplegic or anything, their dialogues always touched others. So the moot question is, will anytime our heroes pick up a role that makes them appear dumb (speechless) on the silver screen? The likes of Chandra Mohan in Telugu, Kamal Haasan in Tamil have done such roles earlier. Even Jr NTR tried a mute role in Narasimhudu movie for first half of the film.

With dialogues being the prime weapons of almost all the commercial films, will our heroes really try playing the disorder of a speechless person on silver screen? Maybe not, because they feel it affects commercial prospects of a film. But who knows, if the likes of Rajamouli create such roles, they may carve out with a better screenplay and impressive scenes. Also, if the role has no dialogues, then our stars need to emote well.