Will Pawan-Dil Raju Title Become Controversial?


Dil-Raju-sings-Jana-Gana-MaIt is now known that Pawan Kalyan and Dil Raju have finally decided to do a film together. So the latest from Dil Raju’s office is that he has registered the film’s title as Janaganamana.

Well, if it is indeed true, then both Pawan and Dil Raju must prepare for eventualities as one cannot tamper with the opening words of the national anthem and use them as a film’s title. In the past, Ram Gopal Varma was scolded by the courts for using Janaganamana in an objectionable manner in his Amitabh-starrer Rann.

Well, at the time, a petition was filed and Varma was pulled up by the courts. Now, Dil Raju is risking a huge controversy by naming the film Janaganamana.

Though an official announcement hasn’t been made, he has registered the title and industry insiders feel that it is a sure-shot way of asking for trouble.