Will Pawan Fulfill His Promise?


Pawan-will-be-invitedAll those who know Pawan Kalyan very closely observe one thing in special and it is his strong memory power. He never forgets a promise made or word given to others. This peculiar quality might have made him to lose so much in life but at the same time it also made him a hero with character.

A buzz in film circles says that, Pawan hasn’t forgotten the oral contract made with Darshaka Rathna Dasari Narayana Rao regarding working on his banner. Yes, Pawan-Dasari combo is due from a long time. We had many rumors circulated on Trivikram or Dolly might direct this project but both of them joined Pawan for different producers keeping Dasari in waiting.

Given the last one week updates on Dasari’s ill health and Pawan attending him in KIMS, media focused once again on when will this big combination come into reality? As soon as Dasari gets discharged from hospital and recuperates completely from the ailments, there are chances for Pawan-Dasari dream project to get on. Nevertheless, Power Star also has big parallel political commitments to obey.